The Soaring Phoenix Society

The first professional & personal development membership for confinement nannies and doulas, yue sau, & pui yeut caregivers in the West!

Behind Our Doors

Live Education and Trainings

Grow your knowledge and skills with our weekly education sessions. Stay updated on the best perinatal care practices and best business practices to help you grow professionally.

Succeed Together

Competition? We mean, collaboration! Here, we want everyone to do well. You'll join a private group chat where Phoenixes soar together. Shift to a superior abundance mindset!

Access Industry Experts

Tap into our co-founders' extensive and international network of experts from different disciplines and industries. We're all here to help you succeed!

Self-Care to Deliver the Best Care

You can only provide the best service when you are healthy and well. You'll get self-care coaching on how to promote and maintain your well-being so that you can perform at your best.

Transformation at Your Pace

Again, this is not a competition. Learn and grow at your own pace! You'll get everything you need in our Guide Library when you're ready for the next step up.

Exclusive Events and Offers

You'll get priority access to our best offers. Best deals. Retreats. Workshops. Meet-ups. First look into new programs. Exclusive tools, templates, and resources. And much more!

How This Society Works

We meet weekly for a 1-hour live video call and recordings will be available on a private playlist for members only.

Resources and templates will also be available for members to download.

Learn from Clinical and Industry Experts

Monthly Education + Guest Speakers + Special Trainings

Yes, you're a non-clinical and non-medical provider. But you're still a core part of the care economy. Learning how to work with different clinicians and industry players in the perinatal and postpartum field also ensures the quality of care you provide remains top notch. 

It's also important to grow yourself, so that you can evolve in your professional and personal journey with confidence.

Each month, there'll be at least one event a week for education, guest speaker, and special trainings. There's always something for you to learn every week!

Coaching by Our Co-Founders

Monthly Open Office Hours + Group Coaching

Every month, our co-founders, Dr Kristal Lau and Elaine Kopinga, will each host an open office hour for Phoenixes to ask them anything. That's 2 open office hours a month! They'll also be doing group coaching once a month for Phoenixes.

Remember, there's no such thing as silly questions - always ask when in doubt!

Learn the European Lifestyle Medicine Approach

Monthly Self-Care Workshops

As women, we tend to serve ourselves last. But you can only provide the best care to mothers and families when you're feeling your best. You only have the energy to grow your business and show up for your own family when you're feeling your best.

Join Dr Kristal Lau, a certified European Lifestyle Medicine Health Advisor, in a monthly self-care workshop designed specifically for women. And you'll be getting the good stuff because she's also the Self-Care For Health Professionals workshop facilitator for the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization's Certificate!

Soar with other Phoenixes

Private Community of Phoenixes + Events

Yes, we've had enough of pitting women against each other. There's so space for ill-feelings in our society. And there's more than enough in this world for us all to have something for ourselves.

Get together with our co-founders and other Phoenixes in our society's private group chat for ongoing community support. In the future, we'll organize in-person workshops, events, and retreats. Together, we'll succeed!

Your Investment

Bi-Annual  (Best Value)



Billed Every 6 Months




Billed Per Month

We only admit 10 new Phoenixes every month, so hurry up and apply soon!

Why the Phoenix?

Motherhood and womanhood bring many changes into our lives. 

Whether we're serving mothers and their families, or we women are serving our own family - there's a transformation that we and the mothers we serve go through at every stage of our lives;

At work, at home, and within ourselves.

We're just like a Western Phoenix rising from its ashes at each of our life stage transformation.

And we serve mothers and their families the way the Eastern Phoenix embodies benevolence.

Together, we'll achieve success as the Soaring Phoenixes!

Meet Our Founders

We're mothers and entrepreneurs. And also your peer and colleague!

author, ex-physician, Lifestyle Medicine Advisor

Dr. Kristal Lau

: MPH, MBBS, BMedSc (Hons), Certified European Lifestyle Medicine Health Advisor (ELMO)

Dr Kristal Lau is a leading postpartum wellness consultant, a modern Confinement specialist, an ex-physician, and Founder of Bridges In Health

Her mission is to revolutionise postpartum care for modern mothers and their families through holistic Postpartum Wellness experiences that bridge modern healthcare and science with personal lifestyles and cultural practices. 

She is also the author of ‘Postpartum 30’ – a book to help mothers and their families adapt the Chinese postpartum confinement practice (Zuo Yue Zi) for childbirth recovery to their lives in the West.

Dr Lau received her MBBS medical degree from Australia and mainly practiced geriatric medicine before she left that career path. She gained a Biomedical Science (Honours) degree after completing an extra year in stem cell research.

She furthered her education with a Master of Public Health from USA, majoring in Health Care Organization and Policy. And expanded her skills with the European Lifestyle Medicine certificate.

Dr Lau is originally from Malaysia where she grew up using basic traditional Chinese medicine principles and herbs in her daily life. She also followed the Confinement practice after birthing her two children. 

Since publishing her book, Dr Lau has become the go-to expert for bridging the Confinement practice with modern postpartum care. She is sought after in the development of postnatal retreats and Postpartum Wellness programs in the West. She also hosts The Postpartum Wellness Show on YouTube and podcasts.

elaine kopinga, founder and CEO of Obaatan Women. Entrepreneur, midwife, nurse practitioner.

midwife, nurse practitioner

Elaine Kopinga


Elaine Kopinga has a truly novel approach to care, melding practices that have worked for women for centuries with modern, evidenced-based research.

Born in Ghana, West Africa her mission is to caring caring and loving African wisdom to woman everywhere. 

She is excited to bring a combination of this ancient wisdom and modern science to her clients and offer full spectrum concierge maternal and postpartum consulting services.

As a Certified Nurse Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, her background includes maternal health, postpartum care, and pelvic health. Elaine has extensive experience working with women in all stages of life. 

She has worked in large teaching hospitals and boutique practices serving both high and low-risk populations. During this time, she has completed hundreds of deliveries, giving her a deep understanding of the challenges facing women after childbirth.

Caring for families during this special time has also made Elaine highly attuned to addressing the changing needs of women and families as they transition into parenthood. She is the founder of Obaatan Women’s Wellness Collective

Elaine is a mother of young twins and a toddler. When she can actually find a rare moment of peace and quiet, she enjoys discovering new adventures with her husband.


Why do I need to apply?

Why can't you just pay and join immediately?

The Soaring Phoenix Society is specifically for confinement and postpartum caregivers who want to grow professionally and personally.

We're especially looking for future Phoenixes who are interested in working closely with clinicians and other industry players in the mother and baby care economy. And for those who are ready to do the inner personal work to achieve their potential.

Our application process helps us identify potential Phoenixes who are ready to commit to this growth and transformation.

And because this is a paid membership, we want you to be sure that we have your best interests at heart. If we don’t think you're ready to join us, we don’t want to take your money. We’d prefer you invest it where you will get better returns.

Am I a good fit for The Soaring Phoenix Society?

As mentioned above, you need to be ready to commit to personal and professional growth. And be willing to work alongside clinicians and other industry players.

More than that, you'll be a good fit as a future Phoenix if you're ready to learn new things, unlearn things that don't serve you and your clients, and to do the work.

Most importantly, our Society champions supporting other Phoenixes and celebrating them when they soar. We're not interested in tearing each other down to get ahead or talking behind another Phoenix's back.

If you are hoping that joining will result in an overnight success or having things handed to you, you'll be disappointed. Just like your work and life, you get what you put into your membership.

Can I join the society anytime?

No. We accept 10 new Phoenixes every month which allows us to create dedicated onboarding for each intake. We’ve found this really helps new Phoenixes feel a part of our Society more quickly. Exceptions may apply and if that's the case, our team will reach out to you for further discussions.

What is the most valuable part of this society?

The combination of professional and personal growth that you'll experience with other Phoenixes.

We're used to hearing that it's better to separate our work from our personal lives. But as women, we know that's usually not possible. We mother as we work. We care for others as we work. Yet, we forget to care for ourselves!

In this Confinement and Postpartum Wellness world, the art and skill of caring for a new mother, her newborn, and her family is hard work.

So, it's very important that our Phoenixes learn to care for themselves alongside learning to care for their clients. Happy Phoenixes = Happy Clients!

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