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About Healthy Living Expo 2024 Key Talks

Revisit the Healthy Living Expo 2024's 5 Key Talks in this free course!

Learn about What Healthy Living means for you, how to Reframe your Relationship with Food and create Balanced Plates for meals, and get an Introduction to the Mediterranean Lifestyle and Clean and Natural Beauty.

Dr Kristal Lau is expanding her postpartum wellness approach for this Expo to include caring for the US military community in Germany.

Her partners, Holly Farrell (a registered dietician, founder of IntuEats, and military spouse) and Giota (a natural holistic beauty practitioner and founder of Glam Up Beauty in Wiesbaden) complete this trio of Healthy Living experts!

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About the Teacher

Kristal Lau, MBBS

Dr Kristal Lau [MPH, MBBS, BMedSc(Hons)] is a leading postpartum wellness consultant, modern confinement and postnatal retreat specialist, author of 'Postpartum 30', ex-physician, and a mother of 2+2. She is also a certified European Lifestyle Medicine Health Advisor (ELMO). Dr Lau serves mothers and their families through her organisation, Bridges In Health, by offering consulting and coaching services to create holistic postpartum wellness experiences that bridge modern health care and science with personal lifestyles and cultural practices. She also hosts The Postpartum Wellness Show on YouTube and podcast. Dr Lau is also the current Director of Education for the non-profit Military Birth Resource Network and Postpartum Coalition.

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