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About Dr Kristal Lau

Dr Kristal Lau is a leading postpartum wellness consultant, author, ex-physician, and entrepreneur.

She aims to revolutionise postpartum care by combining over 10 years of experience and knowledge in clinical medicine, scientific research, and public health, with her personal experiences as a US military spouse, a Malaysian expat in the West, and a mother of 2+2.

Dr Lau was previously a practicing physician in Australia before leaving her career to move around the world with her active-duty US Service Member.

She wrote her book 'Postpartum 30' while pregnant with her second child amidst the COVID-pandemic and her husband's deployments.

Dr Lau published her book in April 2023 and has been growing her authority and business ever since.

She still volunteers at her local military community in Germany and is a board member for the non-profit, Military Birth Resource Network and Postpartum Coalition (MBRNPC).

DR Kristal Lau

CEO & Founder

MPH, MBBS, BMedSc (Hons)

I Believe That A World Designed for the Well-Being of Mothers, Fathers, and Families Benefits Everyone Else!

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Strategy, Development, & Project Consulting to Customise Wellness Experiences, Programs, Products, and Services,

Keynote & Expert Panelist

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What We're Doing Now

Seeking a balanced approach to postpartum care? Dive into "Postpartum 30", a ground-breaking book that harmonizes traditional Chinese practices with modern Western postpartum care. 

This must-read book empowers mothers and families to plan a personalized postpartum experience tailored to their specific needs, endorsed by experts in the field of perinatal care.

A YouTube and podcast show showcasing the exploration of wellness, motherhood, and heritage; sharing insights and strategies on how to thrive in the postpartum journey.

Mama's Wing Woman (MWW) is a sub-brand of Bridges In Health that focuses on delivering postpartum and confinement planning and coaching services directly to mothers and their families.

Praise for Dr Kristal Lau

Gloria Repress-Churchwell

Owner of Butter Pecan Productions, Director, Producer, Author, and International Speaker

Merges traditional Chinese and modern postpartum care in a way never seen before

Kristal merges traditional Chinese and modern postpartum care in a way that I have never seen before. Definitely something for all to learn!

Karen Cribb, MNSt, RN, PG ICU Nusing

Nurse Unit Manager

Diligent and very competent

Dr. Kristal Lau is keen, enthusiastic, diligent, and very competent. She quickly gained the respect of the Consultants who were impressed with her attention to detail, her meticulous documentation, and her professionalism. The nursing staff appreciated having Kristal on the team as she was always pleasant, helpful, and attended to requests in a very timely manner.

Dr. Huang Liang Lee, MBBS, FRACP

Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Communicates and interacts well with patients and the patient's family

Dr. Kristal's performance was excellent with a good work ethic and demonstrated reliability. She communicates and interacts well with her work colleagues as well as patients and the patient's family.

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